As waterfowl season comes to an end hopefully you all need some new recipes to put to use on the meat you brought home


DSC_0034Above is the meal I cooked after a day of Captain Rick hunting on the river.  It was 20 degrees outside and I thought I would declare him insane when he left our warm bed at 4:00 AM to meet his hunting buddies.



photo (3)

Yes, they do look like a bunch of bundled up hunters!  Note the dog, Hunter’s, tongue in the wind.  Crazy dog.

I purchased a stove top smoker from Camerons products  I found them after reading an review of their product in Cook’s Illustrated Magazine.  The instruction recommended that I use 2 tablespoon of wood chips but after speaking with the sales rep, I decided to switch the wood from Alder to hickory and increase the volume by 1 tablespoon.

Duck was simple to prepare.

8 duck breast cut in half and season with kosher salt and white pepper.

The sauce was delicious.

2 cups…

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  1. The Outdoor Epicurean says :

    Hey! Thanks for re blogging my recipe. I appreciate it.

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