No more Co-Angler?

We have reached a time when the co-angler may no longer have a say-so. It seems that the trend of a pro only boater is spreading across the pro tours. Recently B.A.S.S has gone away with co-anglers in the Elite Series and it seems that the FLW will soon follow with the new rules. The FLW has recently limited the co-anglers to 5 rods and one tackle bag. In a recent interview with Elite Series Pro, Mike Iaconelli, he said that he agreed that the new rules may level the playing field, but pointed out that he grew up fishing from the back of the boat,  and without that experience he would not be where he is today.

I have been a co-angler on the Everstart Series and can agree that the knowledge you gain is very important. I have gained so much from that and if I had the opportunity, the FLW tour would be that much better. Its seems as though the new rules are only made in the interest of the pro, hurting the co-angler’s chances of winning and producing as an angler. Let’s sit back for a minute and think. As fisherman we want to continually push the growth of our sport, but to do so, we as fisherman promote and get more people involved in fishing. Putting rules such as these in place will only hinder new fisherman from entering the sport. I am a firm believer that it is the co-angler that learns the sport through tournament experience, gaining the confidence to one day become the next generation of boaters.

Not many of us have learned the sport on our own, most of us being taught by someone that is older and more knowledgeable. It ts important for us too, to share that passion with others that want to learn. Sometimes we should stop, put pride aside and do what is best for our sport. Promote fishing and not put a stop to the learning process.


John Woodroof


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