Boat Project Update #1

I posted last weekend about our recent boat project and promised a few pictures. The boat is a 1984 Shamrock Cuddy Cabin with an inboard 302 motor. In the following pictures I have already removed the outer teak railings, along with the helm chairs and bimini top for restoration. I’ve also started removing some of the electronics for rewiring. I will have some updated pictures coming soon on their restoration processes.

All of the teak wood will be removed for restoration. As you can see the chairs have been removed from their pedestals in an attempt to bring them back to life with some new vinyl (though I have ordered two new chairs that I found a great deal on).

All of the electronics will be upgraded/updated in the process, while the whole boat will undergo rewiring.

Stay posted for more pictures and updates coming soon~!


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2 responses to “Boat Project Update #1”

  1. lockestocknbarrel says :

    You have one hell of a project ahead of you, good luck! That’ll be a sweet little rig once you’re finished! 21ft?

  2. jmnixonEXP says :

    Thanks, its a 1984 20ft Shamrock CC. The teak is staining nicely and I’ll have updated pictures soon!

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