Six Tips for Better Bowhunting

323 Archery

From IPO (Illinois Periodicals Online)

There’s a lot more to deer hunting than just sitting in a deer stand all day.


in Hancock County in 1998.

There was no need to worry about the cold. It wasn’t a bone-chilling cold, but rather the kind of cold that wraps itself around you. Smarter folks were still at home in warm beds. But not me. I was 30 feet up in an oak tree, facing the wind, sitting on a hard, cold metal tree stand.

Many people consider me a bit crazy for enduring the weather that accompanies fall and early winter. But my quest for large bucks is a driving force and if I wasn’t having fun, I wouldn’t be doing it. Bowhunting is a passion.

On this day, that buck was coming in parallel to the trail and about 30 yards downwind of it. I had positioned…

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