Pro Tips Weekly: Dion Hibdon

Keep a marker buoy handy
18.Jul.2012 by Dion Hibdon

Marine electronics are so good now that it seems like they’ll do almost everything but catch fish for you. Still, I never go fishing without one or two of those orange plastic marker buoys somewhere in my Ranger. When I mark a place I want to fish, I’ll toss out a marker buoy right on top of it. That way, if the wind or the current keeps moving me around as I take a fish off my line or change lures, I can find the marker buoy quickly and get back to where I need to be. I save fishing time because I don’t have to relocate the spot with my depth finder. Electronics will show you where the fish are in the first place, but a plain old marker buoy will keep you there. It’s cheap and simple, but effective.

—- Chevy pro Dion Hibdon, Sunrise Beach, Mo.


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