Pro Tips Weekly: Larry Nixon – FLW Fishing News

I really enjoy fishing deep ledges in the summer. If you get on the right spot, you can catch a limit in a hurry. Not to oversimplify, but I have a couple of approaches that usually work for me. If there’s current, I’ll go with a jig or a crankbait. Usually, that’s all it takes and the current makes the fish active.

When there isn’t much current, you have to fish slower. My favorite here is a 10-inch Berkley Power Worm Texas-rigged with a half-ounce weight. I look for a hard bottom close to the ledge, maybe a shell bottom. If that doesn’t work, I’ll switch to a Berkley Havoc 6.25 Bottom Hopper in any of the shad colors.

If the water is really clear, I might go to the 4.25 Havoc Bottom Hopper. That’s pretty much it. I like to fish the sides of a ledge where the current hits it. Usually, that’s the upstream end of the ledge or hump, or where there’s a pretty good bend.

—- Chevy pro Larry Nixon, Bee Branch, Ark.


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