Pro Tips Weekly: David Dudley


Fifth place qualifier David Dudley of Lynchburg, Va., heads out onto the Potomac during the FLW Tour finals. (Photo by Gary Mortenson)

Keep your eye on the ball

06.Jun.2011 by David Dudley
It’s easy to lose your concentration when you do anything repetitively, and that’s especially true of bass fishing. Cast after cast without a bite, and pretty soon you’re just going through the motions. But you can’t let that happen if you expect to do well. When you get sloppy, you’ll miss a bite or present a lure badly. Don’t let yourself get sloppy. Always maintain focus because the next cast might be the one you’ve been waiting for.

A lot of fishing is just a matter of self-control and keeping your eye on the ball. If you’re going about it correctly, you should be able to write a one-page report on every bite you get. What was the lure? How deep was the water? How clear? Was there shade? Was there cover? What time of day was it? And so on. Pay attention to what’s going on all the time, and you’ll be a better fisherman.

Castrol pro David Dudley of Lynchburg, Va.


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